Let’s get straight to the point. We all want smooth hair. Period.

And, how do you find a result that’s easy, fast and lasts long? Enter Hair smoothening treatments.

But stop. Your want for smooth and candescent hair may veritably well be granted with Hair smoothening treatments. still, they can have long term impacts on your hair health. So then is everything you should know about them before you head out for the session.

What Is Hair Smoothing?
Hair smoothening or smoothening is a temporary chemical treatment aimed to treat unruly, limp, and ungovernable hair. It uses formaldehyde( 1) result to souse your hair beaches, which are also dried out and set in a straight position with the help of a flat iron. The procedure smoothes out the hair and removes ringlet and blankness. It’s a quick fix for someone considering hair straightening.

Unlike hair straightening, Hair smoothening does not alter the structure of the hair drastically. rather, it removes ringlet and blankness and smoothes out your hair that lasts over to 6 months or further, depending on your hair care. It’s a quick fix for someone considering hair straightening. still, it does not help you get poker-straight hair.

What Are The Different Hair Smoothening ways?
In- Salon styles
Blow Drying
still, blow- drying is the stylish option, If you are late for a party or meeting and need smooth hair incontinently. It gives you smooth and manageable hair but the results last until your coming hair marshland. It works well for crimpy and curled hair. Use a good heat protectant spray before starting.

Straightening is generally done with a flat iron; the results last a day. You can achieve super soft and straight hair. Again, flash back to use a heat protectant spray so you do not end up damaging your hair.

Traditional Relaxers For Hair
This treatment removes ringlet and smoothens the hair. It’s most suitable for crimpy and slightly curled hair. The results can last up to 4- 6months.However, use relaxers like guanidine hydroxide and calcium hydroxide, If you have a sensitive crown.

Keratin Treatments
Keratin is a hair protein that gives hair its strength. Keratin treatments are divided into Brazilian shindig, keratin treatment, and cysteine treatment.

Brazilian shindig( 2) is popular for a reason. It’s compatible with bleached hair too. It gives hair a smooth and candescent finish which is else not possible with chemical relaxers.

Formaldehyde result is applied to the hair, is dried, and uncurled using a flat iron. The result breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the keratin motes of the hair. The alignment of the keratin( 3) fibers is disintegrated and when the hair is set using a flat iron, the beaches fit in impeccably to look smooth and candescent. This process takes 3- 5 hours.

Cysteine treatment uses formaldehyde-free keratin treatments that don’t pose side goods and extreme heat hazards.

Thermal patching Or Japanese Straightening
This kind of treatment breaks the bonds in the hair using a chemical result. The hair is also reshaped with a flat iron. A neutralizer is applied towards the end to seal the hair in a straight shape. It requires regular touch- ups but is extremely useful for loose to medium ringlets.

Word Of Caution

Talk to your hairstylist if you’re antipathetic to any chemicals, have hair loss enterprises and have any medical severe implications. Consider a hair test at a salon and consult your dermatologist in case you find any problems.

Process Of Hair Smoothening

  1. Your hairstylist will prepare your hair for treatment. They will completely wash and condition your hair and use a blow teetotaler to dry it.
  2. Next, a cream/ straightening result will be applied to your hair and left for 20- 30 twinkles. This cream enables the breakage of bonds in the hair’s keratin.
  3. The cream/ result is also washed off. latterly, your hairstylist will again blow- dry your hair.
  4. Your hair will also be uncurled using a flat iron at a high temperature.
  5. A neutralizer cream is also applied for another 20- 30 instants to seal the effect of ironing. The cream is also washed off after another 30 instants.
  6. A counterforce cream is also applied to seal the effect and the hair is washed after another 30 instants.

Hair Smoothening Vs Hair uncurling
Hair smoothening points at reining curl to give you smooth hair while hair straightening gives you poker-straight hair and smoothness is an added benefit.

Smoothening is a temporary process and works best for thin hair which is crimpy or slightly curled. uncurling, on the other hand, is a endless process that can treat indeed the curliest of frizzes.

Smoothening is considered to be less dangerous when compared to uncurling.

Wrapping Up

Hair smoothing treatments are a big megahit in moment’s world. Because let’s admit it, who has the time for regular oils and masks? Considering the benefits they’ve to offer, the many negatives of these treatments can be overlooked, handed you get them done at a professional and well- voiced salon. And, regular conservation is a must if you’re going for hair smoothing treatments.

So, are you going to try one of the hair smoothing treatments? Let us know!